Faith: Mission Trip Day 1

A picture is worth a thousand words. TEAM KENYA.

IMG_0484 (1)

On Monday, October the eight the Lord brought 22 men and women together to  to do an exciting work for the Lord near Nairobi, Kenya. The first miracle was remembering every one’s name. With a little help from GroupMe I think I got it right.

Row Four: Ross B, Leader, Cashmere P, Alejabdra G, Victoria V, Mary Bell G, Terry S (Claudia). Row Three: Jennifer S, Lisa H, M’Lynn T, Rudy S, Michelle S, Mariah T, Aaron G, Brittany K, Katherine I.  Row Two: Tara C, Vanessa E, Brandy L, Sara C, Tamme G. Row One: Chris W, Al L.

Beautiful picture…right! Well not to M’Lynn. She noted that only her eyes were showing, and she was right. See Below.

IMG_0485              IMG_0487

Although the picture was taken after we got our boarding pass several of us, Tamme and me included had to reshuffel our bags to accomodate the Emerites weight requirements. Wow! what a panic. After all was done we all went off and got lunch in the airport.

Finally we were boarded and ready to take off after a slight delay. As we setteled into our seats we all breathed a sigh of relief. In the words of Tara (Our on the spot Cheerleader, Noisemaker and all around laughaholic) “I’m so excited!!!!!”

For the next 14 hours we enjoyed sleep, a movie, reading or simply stairing at the back of the seat ahead of us. Ever so often, at the slighest turbalance we spoke in a prayer language. Otherwise, everyone seemed at peace.

The adventure had begun and the anticipated result is that God will change our hearts for the better. Let’s see what the Lord will do.



Author: Henri Whitfield

Dr. A. Henri Whitfield is a free lance writer of non-fiction inspirational stories. He is trained and experienced in family ministry, church administration, and non-profit management. Dr. Whitfield has a Master of Theology in Pastoral Ministry and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in Marriage and Family Ministry.