About A. Henri Whitfield

A. Henri Whitfield was born in Morristown, Tennessee to an aspiring auto-mechanic and an aspiring professional educator.  Before Henri was born his father left his family. His mother remarried and changed his surname to her husband’s name. Consequently, a large percentages of his life is recorded under another name.  Through the challenges of life and the difficulties of having faith in a world that seems to be hurriedly drifting away from God Henri shares the personal details of his life that demonstrates God’s faithfulness.

A. Henri Whitfield has served over thirty-five years in ministry to families under his assumed surname. He received his formal education in Social Work from American Baptist College in Nashville, TN. and he has received two post graduate degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, the Master of Theology in Pastoral Care and Administration, and the Doctor of Ministry in  Marriage and Family Ministry.

Through his life experiences, years of ministry experience, and formal training Dr. Whitfield conveys an inspirational message of hope woven together by the free gift of faith. Faith: The Fabric of Life is a story of how God uses all of life’s ups and downs to strengthen our bond with Him.

Faith: The Fabric of Life, is an anecdotal look at faith in development over several years. Dr. Whitfield believes that the challenges of life are purposefully designed to prepare us to live a life of dependency on God. Amid the chaos of political unrest, social distancing, (Physically and emotionally), and a uncontrolled indiscriminate pandemic faith offers us security.

Dr. Whitfield will soon release his anecdotal faith journey by to a population that is dealing with a multitude of challenges while maintaining faith in an unseen God. sound Biblical exegesis solid theological  teachings A. Henri Whitfield seeks to reach people who are bewildered and confused by the challenging circumstances of life.


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